Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Runners' List of Optimal Foods

The Runners' List of Optimal FoodsBy Marion Webb Whether you're training for the prestigious Boston Marathon or run to stay healthy and fit, how you fuel your body can make the difference between running half-empty or to optimal performance.

To find out which foods will keep your running energized, we have consulted Exercise Physiologist Fabio Comana, M.A., M.S., who has an advanced degree in nutrition and is also an ACE-certified Personal Trainer and Lifestyle & Weight Management Consultant, and other experts on the right amounts of fueling sources, best foods to buy and nutritional guidelines to maximize your workouts and pre-competition foods.

A well-balanced diet with the proper balance of carbohydrates, protein and fat are essential to keep individuals healthy. For runners, especially marathoners, eating right is critical to maintain the body's essential functions, including those of the cardiovascular, respiratory and neuromuscular systems to generate oxygen, strength and endurance.Read more.

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