Sunday, August 5, 2007

Exercise Library

From basic to advanced workouts, proper form is essential. Choose from each category below to create your own workout depending on the amount of time you have and the equipment available to you.

Stability Ball TrainingLearn about the benefits of flexibility and mobility training on the stability ball. Download article Download workout

Resistance TrainingExercise bands are portable and easy to use as well as extremely effective for developing muscular strength and endurance. Download workout


Agility/Balance Top
Balance-training Exercises
Standing Yoga Poses
Jumping with Alternate Heel Touch
Hip Twist Jumps
Footwork with Stretch Band
Side to Side Shuffling

Arms Top
Triceps Kick-back
Bench Dip
Triceps Extension with a Towel and a Partner
Bent-over Row
Biceps Curl
Stretch Band Triceps Extension
Stretch Band Biceps Curl
Wrist Stretches
Overhead Triceps Extension on a Stability Ball
Inverted Wrist Curls
Single Arm Press with a Towel and a Partner
Overhead Triceps Press
Overhead Press
Biceps Curl with a Towel and a Partner
Wrist Curls

Back Top
Seated Row
Upper Back with Stretch Band
Quadruped Lift
Stretch Band Lat Pulldown
Back Extension
Seated Row with a Towel and a Partner
Lateral Shoulder Raise with a Towel and a Partner
Stretch Band Lateral Raise
Prone Back Extension
Scapular Retraction
Shoulder Shrug
Upright Row
Single-arm Lat Pull-down
Pre-Natal Spinal Rotation

Chest Top
Stretch Band Chest Press
Supine Chest Fly
Chest Press

Core Top
Stretch Band Reverse Crunch
Stability Ball Push-ups
Stability Ball Abdominal Roll-ups
Core Body Medicine Ball Exercises
Side Bridge
Single-leg Reverse Curl
Abdominal Curl

Legs Top
Terminal Knee Extensions with a Towel and a Partner
Stretch Band Squat
Double and Single-leg Bridge
Stretch Band Hamstring Curl
Stretch Band Leg Adduction
Stretch Band Leg Abduction
Single-knee to Chest
Double-knee to Chest
Active Hip Extension
Stability Ball Wall Squat
Heel Raise
Toe Raise
Backward Lunge
Hip Extension
Straight Leg Extension
Outer Thigh Lift
Inner Thigh Lift

Shoulders Top
Posterior Shoulder Extension
External Shoulder Rotation
Lateral Deltoid Raise
Front Deltoid Raise
Internal Shoulder Rotation

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