Tuesday, March 25, 2008

America’s Healthiest Restaurants

You work out. You watch what you eat. But you don’t want to have to prepare every meal at home for the sake of your health—nor should you have to. We surveyed chain restaurants and found 10 surprisingly healthy standouts. Hit our top 10 for whole foods, good-for-you fats, even green vegetables on—gasp!—the children’s menu. Read on for the winners, great fast-food options, plus, how to eat out without gaining a pound.

And Now ... America's Not-So-Healthiest Restaurants

by Tracey Minkin

The worst of the rest.
Not everything was so rosy out there. Below, some of the scarier items we came across in our travels.

Scary chicken: At Chili's, 1 serving of Crispy Honey Chipotle
Crispers (no dressing) just laid 1,890 calories at your door.

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